My name is Sudip Bhattacharya.

I enjoy the simple things in life, i.e. dissecting white supremacy and race identity in the U.S.

I also like cake.

I earned my Bachelor’s at Rutgers. Got my Master’s in Journalism at Georgetown. And currently am in the PhD program in political science at Rutgers University, where I’m focused on race, identity, and of course, politics and society.

Before all that, I also worked as a journalist, writing for CNN, the Washington City Paper, The Lancaster Newspapers, The Daily Gazette in upstate New York, and finally, at The Jersey Journal in Hudson County, New Jersey.

I’ve been writing since I was a kid though, since I realized that I could get people’s attention for doing so.

Also, I like to believe that I can make a difference.

See? Simple.11390170_745360845572447_2120711384036015128_n