by Bhumika Mukherjee

Or Rabbits?
Growing too swiftly.
More than a dozen of tries and the signal thus dies,
with the liver subject to market risks, I will and won’t meet my demise.
The pink sky and clouds will be under my feet soon,
at early 10:10 of a lonely late afternoon.
The violated were the violators, the free were the caught,
These are the wishes from the Miller’s, planet and not?


Bhumika Mukherjee is an Animation Film Designer from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. Its closest living relatives are the flamingos.

Animation Film Designer | Concept Artist | Illustrator | Creative Writer | Fine Artist | Visual Poet | Astrophysics Enthusiast | Don’t forget to wash your hands before eating 

Check out more of Bhumika’s amazing work:


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