You and I

You’re here

You have a heart

Two hands

Two eyes to see

A mouth to speak with

Legs to carry you onwards

You are here

Looking at the words

Reading each one until it makes some sense

You are brave

You are courageous

You are also human

Your dark brown skin illuminated

Your black hair combed the way you like

You will face your toughest challenges

You will feel low at times

You are brave and courageous and beautiful and handsome

You shall look at paintings the same way you look at words

You shall watch movies and find meanings in them

Heck, maybe one day you too will write

And wonder,

What is my role then?

For one who looks down at the page

What is it?

To provide sustenance for the soul (almost alliteration)

Or, is it to go beyond

By the way, you probably now hate movies that are a distraction

Then again, sometimes your mind needs a break

But the world can be ugly still

And you don’t want things to stay ugly when you exit the theater


That bubble exists

Those words can encase you

You will realize what is your right

your privilege

your choice(s)

You are here

With these words in front of you

You will win

You will feel lost

You will need these lines perhaps, again,

to remember that life is still ahead

Questions will return

Maybe you will too, to this.

Must you?

For now, it ends here.


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