News/Stuff To Know. Week of 2.1.2016 – 2.7.2016

black lives matter picture for news
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Here are the highlights of the past week///

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It’s apparent that the crisis in Flint won’t be solved anytime soon. However, some are deciding to do something about it.

EXCERPT: Baltimore attorney William H. “Billy” Murphy Jr. — who recently won a $6.4 million settlement for the family of Freddie Gray — has brought a federal class-action lawsuit against state and local officials in Flint, Michigan over the contamination of the city’s drinking water.”

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Secretary general of the U.N., Ban Ki-moon penned an OP-Ed on the growing Israeli occupation of Palestine:

EXCERPT: Israeli settlements keep expanding. The government has approved plans for over 150 new homes in illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. Last month, 370 acres in the West Bank were declared “state land,” a status that typically leads to exclusive Israeli settler use.

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Super-Bowl Sunday is our nation’s obsession, but there are consequences for the city that agrees to host the event.

EXCERPT: While different San Franciscans have used the occasion of the Super Bowl to protest about a variety of issues – including the installation of tacky Super Bowl statues, the December police killing of Mario Woods, and recent rate cuts for Uber drivers – the outpouring of anger on Wednesday was focused on the plight of San Francisco’s homeless residents.

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This week was the anniversary of the murder of Amadou Diallo.

EXCERPT: Diallo died on February 4, 1999, seventeen years ago today. An immigrant from Guinea, he was approached by four plainclothes officers outside of his Bronx home who said he matched the description of a serial rape suspect. The officers—who said they thought Diallo was reaching for a gun when the unarmed man was just reaching for his wallet—fired upon him a total of 41 times, striking him with 19 bullets. The officers were indicted on charges of murder and reckless endangerment—all of which were cleared after their trial was moved from the Bronx to Albany. One of the involved officers, Kenneth Boss, was even promoted to sargeant last December.

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The Black Lives Matter movement continues to evolve.

EXCERPT: Mckesson, 30, a Baltimore native and former public school administrator here and in Minnesota, is part of a team called Campaign Zero, which seeks to end police killings in America. The group wants to end “broken windows” policing, increase community oversight of police and limit use of force, among other goals.

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A different and more hopeful view on our politics heading into the future.

EXCERPT: The next Democratic president will be more liberal than Barack Obama. The next Republican president will be more liberal than George W. Bush.

In the late ’60s and ’70s, amid left-wing militancy and racial strife, a liberal era ended. Today, amid left-wing militancy and racial strife, a liberal era is only just beginning.

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