Letter for Assholes

Oregon Militia image
(Image from Google)

Dear Right-Wing,

Look. I get it. You’re mad. You’re upset. Your favorite football team has more than five black players on it.

Okay. Maybe I shouldn’t be joking about any of this.

You folks are legit angry.

About what exactly though, I’m not sure.

As a brown person, I get angsty as well. About every day stuff, you know. Like darn it, the toothpaste on my brush falls into the sink. Or that it’s so cold when I wake up now that I have to will myself to get out of bed, and drag my sheets into the bathroom.

And of course, dealing with people who yell “terrorist” or Paki at me, and having memories of my grandparents getting eggs and bricks thrown at their home, or better yet, assholes who harass my parents for how they look.

So…I know what awful can be. I know what pain is too.

And yet, when I hear you guys complaining about your country falling apart, and your lives being shitty, all I see, frankly, is a bunch of people who don’t want to get their own lives in check and actually understand what’s making them feel this way.

Cause after all, for the last eight years, a lot of you have been complaining that President Obama is too radical, that he hates your culture, yadda, yadda, yadda.

But funny story is, now you’re carrying assault rifles and supporting someone named Trump, who by the way, said most Mexicans are criminals, and even Muslim Americans need not be trusted.

Let’s just be real, okay?

I don’t like Trump. I mean, I thought we reached peak whiteness with Grand Wizard Ronald Reagan, but nope. We now have the Godzilla of Id, stumbling around, and breathing fire on people who are just trying to get through the day.

Still, I hear a lot of you saying, I’m voting against the establishment. The establishment failed me. The establishment politics are bad politics. The establishment. The establishment. The motherfucking establishment.

First question: Where was this rage against the “establishment” when said Reagan was in power, or even Bush (pick one)?

Second: Who the fuck is the establishment? Bro. You’re the establishment. This country was founded by slave owners and men in powdered wigs who believed that Indian land was their land all of a sudden. You are the ancestors of those who led genocide and oppression. Not saying you’re responsible for the actions of your grandpappy. But when you start saying stuff, as a white man particularly, dressed up in your vest made from the same flag that was held up while the Trail of Tears was taking place, it’s difficult to make sense of your indignation. What exactly are you mad at man?

And this is where we return to us being real.

Safe space.

Listen. Just admit you’re not looking for somebody who’s ethical or smart.

Just go out there, wave that flag wrapped around your dick in the middle of the nearest intersection, and proclaim,

“My name is Jeb! I’m a right-wing white male! And I hate black people!”

Don’t ask me why I said Jeb. But those who get it, get it.

But back to the main point.

I’ll never agree with you nor lessen my hatred of everything you all stand for, but once you tell us that you just hate people who aren’t white, then at least, things are on the surface instead of being hidden in dog whistle tactics that have crippled our dialogue and country.

I mean, Trump just said that people in Jersey City was celebrating when 9/11 happened.

I know you can’t see me but insert eye roll here.

He knows, and you all know, that Jersey City has a sizable South Asian American and Arab American population.

Now, I know to all of you guys we’re all the same. And that somehow, anyone who looks like us suddenly supports ISIS.

But guess what mofo? We know what’s up.

Not only do I reject your politics, I’m standing up against this b.s. (See letter that you’re reading in your plump Cracker Barrel hands).

I am American. Muslim Americans are American. Black Americans are American. And like it or not, we’re in this country and we want our rights and our voices to be heard.

And I know that you’re probably put off by what I’m saying but again, I don’t care.

This is directed to those who support right-wing demagogues anyways so I don’t imagine any of you understanding or caring to give a crap.

And I know you’ll say, Man, this guy is anti-white.

Correction: I’m anti-racist. I’m anti-homophobia, and anti-sexist. I’m anti-injustice.

There are plenty of white folks I know who also hate the right-wing. I’ll be happy to pull the race card and be like, I got plenty of white friends.

And I do.

And I love them like I love anyone who I consider part of our growing community of diverse peoples.

I love my black, brown, and Asian brothers and sisters.

So just letting you fascists know, we see you. Our united force of black, brown, and white knows what’s going on. With racists coming out and attacking innocents folks in Minneapolis.

We’re done with that ish.

We’re putting a stop to all that noise. Now.

We. Are. Awake.



The Beast from the East (and if you think I mean The “East”/ The “Orient” instead of the East Coast, you just proved my point)


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