The (REAL) State of the Union

State of the Union image
(Image from Google)

My fellow Americans, the state of our union is…meh.

The country we live in is a country still defined by its worst elements: its racism, its taste for military intervention, the growing gap between rich and poor that was begun the very day George Washington wore his wig backwards, the moment when Ronald Reagan orgasmed at the sight of Thatcher’s sock in the laundry basket they shared.

We are here, at this crucial juncture, where the past meets present, and where our future is hanging in the balance.

There are things to be proud of as an American. We after all are a diverse nation, led by a black President, a black Attorney General, and pretty much, the exact opposite of many of our so-called allies, including France and the U.K., where having a minority group in a power position is untenable.

Our economy has been adding jobs again, although at a slow rate. Still, a much better situation than what we could’ve had post-recession, as compared to other nations in the West, i.e. Greece, and Spain.

That being said, the U.S. is not a special place. There are no magical roads paved with gold or poor people suddenly becoming rich through hard work and sheer perseverance. The U.S., like many countries, was built on blood and guts, i.e. slavery and genocide. Its so-called founding fathers, if we read them as leaders of other nations, should be perceived as egomaniacal monsters, who had no intention of treating people who didn’t look like them fairly.

Even now, despite the changes we’ve experienced these past 8 years, the U.S. is where those on the bottom of the economic ladder are likely to get poisoned by drinking water, where the working-class lack resources and access to power, where the wealthy (i.e. hedge-fund and corporates) decide how much to pay in taxes (or not).


Native Americans are shot at by police at an alarming rate.

The gap between rich and poor is growing.

Wealth continues to be concentrated.

The difference in wealth considerably depends on race/ethnicity.


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