Happy New Year’s ‘The Past is not Past’

As we enter a New Year [hopefully, sober (see what I did there? Made a joke about drinking in order to connect with you good folks who’ll be busy sinning tonight *tsk tsk*)] it’s important to remember that the previous 365 days don’t simply wash away. As much as we want to believe it, none of us start off on Jan. 1 with a clean slate.

It may sound depressing, but a foolish man is the one who suddenly thinks what they did on Dec. 31 doesn’t count, or what they did way back on Jan. 1. Reason why I bring this up is to formulate a larger point about the past, and that is: We cannot keep forgetting, otherwise we will always have to re-learn the hard way. Like Faulkner said, ‘the past is not even past.’

See that picture I uploaded (Image from Google by the way)? That’s now an infamous image of police in Ferguson overreacting as usual to protests. Honestly, I don’t even know if that guy in the blueish shirt was a protester. Heck, he might’ve been some guy trying to get to work and was instantly, held up by a dozen armed goons. Regardless, we cannot forget images like this. We just can’t afford to. Neither should we forget Tamir Rice, John Crawford, Rekia Boyd, and so many countless others crushed by the Holy Trinity of evil: Capitalism, Racism, and Patriarchy.

Think about history this way if it’s not clear to you: The way the police treated the black residents of Ferguson had been going on for decades. It just didn’t spring up in 2015. The seeds had been planted long, long ago. And generally, the way the police and the armed wings of the U.S. have treated groups like Native Americans connect to how they treat them and similar groups now. Isn’t a surprise that the National Guard is brought in to bring “law and order” into predominantly black and brown neighborhoods, while mostly white students at Penn State rioted too and nothing happened there? Or that Clive Bundy was able to round up his gang of armed thugs and literally aim their rifles on federal marshals and nothing happen? As oppose to the countless incidences of someone like Sarah Circle Bear being left to die in a jail? Think about it. As much as you want to believe that what happened before suddenly doesn’t matter, the system won’t let you. And it’s up to you not to let the system forget either.

Happy New Year’s everyone!


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