Peering over a cloud

Tamir Rice
(Image from Google)

Peering over a cloud,
What’s going on?
People are upset.
I see my face…what’s happening?
Remember what I told you when you first came here?
Yes. You said I’m not home anymore.
And what else?
That I’m far, far away. But, I’m still confused. I still can’t remember a lot…
Tell me what you remember.
My mom. My sister. I was outside. I heard a voice.
Then what?
Then I was here. I…I don’t know…Every time I look below, all my memories get scrambled. I miss my mom. I miss everyone. But I’m not crying. It’s all these feelings stuck in my chest.
That’s okay. That’s what everyone goes through. You will get used to it.
I can see my mom crying…am I the problem? Did I cause this?
Listen. There are things happening that are beyond our control, even mine.
Can you do something? I don’t like seeing my mom like that.
Don’t worry. There are people who will stop the tears, who will help her. Okay?
Okay…but can I tell you something?
Of course.
Sometimes, I get scared. Sometimes, I see a flash, and I see myself alone.
You aren’t.
You are safe.


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