Islamophobia on the rise: A List of Hate Crimes

(Image taken from Google)

Hate crimes against Muslim-Americans are five-times more likely today than pre-9/11. Anti-Muslim crimes consist of 13 percent of religiously-motivated hate crimes, and 2 percent of all hate crimes in general.

Here is a list of the most recent attack against Muslim-Americans, Arab Americans, and South Asian-Americans:

  1. Windows of a mosque in Palm Beach were broken.
  2. A store owner in Queens was beaten by an assailant who yelled, “I kill Muslims.”
  3. A Sikh Gurdwara in California was vandalized with graffiti that said Islamic State.
  4. A mosque in California was set on fire.
  5. Somali restaurant was set-on-fire.
  6. Mosque in Coachella was fire-bombed.
  7. Mosque in Connecticut was shot at.
  8. Armed protesters surround mosque in Texas.
  9. Taxi driver, who was Muslim, shot in the back.
  10. Words “HUNT CAMP?” sprayed over the windows of an Islamic Center in Idado, which is a reference to the internment of Japanese-Americans.
  11. Store clerk of Indian ethnicity called “terrorist” and shot in the face.

Honestly, these are just a handful. If you want to read more and I recommend you do so you to get a better sense of what’s happening in this country, clickhere, or here, or here.

Better yet, just google “hate crimes” and “Muslims” and you’ll probably find much more.


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