back and forth

Christopher Columbus (Image from Google)

i found a time machine about a year ago and yes i know, the past isn’t exactly the friendliest of places for brown folks,

but still, i found a time

machine, and i used it

i went back to the american revolutionary war and met george washington who i then kidnapped and dumped off in the Prehistoric Era, next to a sleeping T-Rex.

I then went back in time and did the same thing to andrew jackson, woodrow wilson, and john wayne.

don’t worry. I did broaden my search for folks all across the globe, including adolf, mussolini, putin when he was still in the kgb, and winston churchill too. winston was fun since he could never imagine a bengali like me (technically, a bengali-american) able to wield such a powerful tool, and plus, when you tickle him long enough, he shits himself, so you can imagine how i often i kept doing that to him.

i used the time machine for about three months.

i would go to work, come back and freshen up, and soon after, jump right back in and would cross the names off my list.

on average, i would cross off five per night.

whenever i would return to the present, i could see the changes, and most of them were positive.

but after a while, I’ll admit, I got tired. and I do know that I could sleep in forever essentially by just going back in time every couple of hours or so, but, my body would always feel sore, and i would keep having strange dreams.

my last mission was to find christopher columbus, just as he was sailing to the so-called new world. i told him i was there to offer him a chance to turn back around, but he called me a demon and whatever else he could conjure up with that stupid mouth of his. the rest of his shipmates watched us, as i again told him he could turn back and i would do nothing to harm him. but he just told me to begone etc. so i sighed, and with the gun that i sorta borrowed from george washington i pulled the trigger.


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